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Household Garbage

Motor Oil Scrap Metal
White Metal Goods (appliances) Household Hazardous Waste Construction and Demolition Debris
Yard Waste Tires  

We Recycle The Following Items Curbside, WEEKLY:
Tin/Aluminum: All food and beverage tin and aluminum cans and clean pie pans, rinsed clean and with labels removed. We do not recycle glass jar lids or tar pails. Glass: Clear, green and brown, rinsed clean. Please remove caps and lids.
Office Paper & Junk Mail: Envelopes, colored paper, phone books, glossy paper and junk mail. Plastics: Clear and colored #1 and #2 including detergent, soap, shampoo, water, cider, milk, soda, juice and cooking containers. Please rinse clean and remove caps and lids. We do not recycle plastic bags,    shrink wrap or toys.
Magazines and Catalogs. Newspaper: Newspapers and inserts. Please remove newspapers from paper and plastic bags.


Please Call About Recycling These Items:

Corrugated Cardboard:  Brown double-walled material with a wavy center typically used in shipping boxes. We do not recycle pizza boxes or yellow or waxed  cardboard. Boxboard: Cereal, pasta and shoe boxes or other uses of the same material such as paper egg cartons. We do not recycle white boxes or boxboard boxes containing metal parts.
Computers: P.C.-type systems and peripherals including CPU, monitor, printer, keyboard. A fee is charged for computer recycling. CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT OTHER RECYCLABLE ITEMS.